Help your kids learn about nature, help the environment, and pass along animal toys to their own someday. zooModern makes sensible Handmade Wooden Animals that are unlike anything else out there.

The Main Characters

We design it, we build it, and, it’s better for nature and better for all of us. zooModern is an American company that makes solid natural wooden Animals that are durable and non-toxic. There are no manuals, just snap on the cape for open-ended discovery for all ages.

We want your children to learn in a fun, environmentally friendly way, and for this the reason we designed our own innovative felt animals, each with a removable, hand-sewn wool cape with the toughest and safest types of wood available.

We make felt animals for you. It’s what we love to do because we believe you can make things Better, by making better Things.

Each is an ethical and sustainable wooden toy with enduring quality and minimal design, open-ended play with the focus of bringing a smile to your face.  Our animals will make wonderful baby shower gifts, birthday, or Christmas gifts. We hope you will enjoy our eco-friendly toys made with love!

zooModern has reinvented the wooden peg doll in a way that brings new life to a favored classic. By adding a handmade removable wool cape over each wooden peg doll, zooModern Animals become unusually adorable for both kids and kids at heart. No instruction manuals or electronics; just toys that demand imagination and inspire limitless creativity in the animal world. We want to bring back Open-ended Play and encourage kids to create their own stories to share. Created with beautiful White Birch hardwoods from Northern US and safe water-based inks, these animals have proven wildly addictive for kids (and kids at heart) and will encourage the simple joy of imaginative play to bring out a smile. Each Animal includes a unique Snap-on/Snap-off Cape hand-stitched by Artisans: One Seven Inch Peg Doll with a simple, gentle face. zooModern Animals come packaged in a beautifully designed box large and rigid enough to store for many years to come. Also, don’t miss out on our story details printed on each package.

There is something magical about watching a child’s imagination unfold. zooModern supports a child’s development over time through play and imaginative storytelling.

Why It’s Good

Choosing between wooden or plastic toys shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing approach. We believe that machine-made helps the world run smoothly, but handmade makes it magical and alive. So a good rule is to exercise moderation. There’s room for some plastic and not all of these toys stifle your child’s imagination. But items that are made from quality wood or natural materials are both healthier and allow children to think more creatively during play.

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